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A Faith-Integrated Guide from Personal and Professional Experience

Welcome home! Our book is designed to educate, equip and empower helping professionals and Christian leaders about a family’s challenges with the autism and neurodiversity experience so that they serve every member of the body of Christ more effectively and inclusively.

Move from surviving to thriving…. You are not alone!  

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Our book is for anyone who wants to better understand autism or neurodiversity from a family that is living it or for anyone who wants to improve their ability to serve, support, advocate or include those with autism.

Our book intends to create hope and understanding and the promotion of healthy neurodiverse marriage and families by educating, equipping and providing effective strategies to those who desire to support, include, minister or advocate for families that are neurodiverse or have special needs.

Our book will provide personal and professional experience of a family moving from surviving to thriving.

Our book will educate the educators and Christian leaders about a family’s challenges and complexities so that they serve every member of the body of Christ more effectively and inclusively.

Our book gives the reader hindsight learning and a spiritual devotion to pause and reflect where you are on your journey.

Our Readers Say...

What a timely, much-needed, and necessary resource. For those living on the autism spectrum and their families, this book becomes a guide on your journey of hope — to navigate you through shattered dreams, discouragement, and despair… and to help you discover how to have an anchored life. As the chapters unfold, you will find practical, Christ-centered principles that will be a map and compass to keep you on track and weather the storms of life.

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June Hunt, M.A.

Founder and Chief Servant Officer, Hope for the Heart

Embracing the Autism Spectrum: Finding Hope & Joy Navigating the NeuroDiverse Family Journey offers practical knowledge, parenting strategies, biblical insight and encouragement for the journey ahead. I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Stephanie and Dan on other projects and am confident this resource will be an invaluable guide

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Eric Scalise, PhD, LPC, LMFT
Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Hope for the Heart

In this book, Dr. Stephanie Holmes, Dan, Sydney and Erica in, Embracing the Autism Spectrum: Finding Joy & Hope Navigating the NeuroDiverse Family Journey, do a remarkable job of highlighting all of these, demonstrating how these struggles can permeate all levels of our lives. With great transparency, they detail their family’s story, not only to highlight the common threads that unite us, but also show the incredible ways God worked through their family, and provided hope and rescue when least expected. I highly recommend this book for any parent or family of special needs, especially those who need a fervent reminder of God’s promises to all of us.

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John Felageller
Ministry Relations Manager (Joni and Friends Illinois), Special Needs Father and Advocate

Let's transform lives together through this book!

Thank you Dr. Stephanie, Dan, Erica, and Sydney for your transparency and willingness to help others understand! Love you all!


Stephen "Doc" Hunsley, M.D.
Executive Director/Founder SOAR Special Needs

Dr. Stephanie, Dan, Sydney & Erica remind us that our stories carry hope, and her family's story is worth sharing for that reason alone. It is not easy to lay aside a professional veneer and share the reality of your story respectfully, sensitively, and honestly about all involved. Dr. Stephanie's frankness is refreshing as she shares the impact of others looking the other way upon her daughters' life. This book voices the Holmes family's story about parenting a daughter with autism and how they became carriers of hope to others in similar situations. A must-read for anyone who cares!

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Leisa Williams
Author of Hope Wins: A Mothers Hope-filled Story For Her Autistic Son When The World Saw Only Hopelessness

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Meet the Authors

Stephanie C. Holmes is formerly a licensed professional counselor (LPC) in the state of NC. She received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Campbell University, her Master’s in counseling from Liberty University and her doctorate in education from Abilene Christian University. She is an ordained minister, author, autism researcher, speaker, and certified autism specialist. When Sydney was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, her world and focus changed from a thriving marriage and family therapy practice to a world of Individualized Education Programs, 504 educational plans, and understanding how to help students and individuals with challenges and needs in the classroom and the church setting. Today, she pulls from personal as well as professional experience to focus on neurodiverse marriages and family systems. She is the owner and founder of Autism Spectrum Resources for Marriage & Family, LLC, and she and Dan co-founded The International Association of NeuroDiverse Christian Marriage, LLC and the podcast NeuroDiverse Christian Couples.

Dan Holmes is a seasoned leader with a rich background in systems architecture, design, and consulting. He received his bachelor’s degree in management information systems from UNCC, and his Masters in computer science through GT. In addition to his technical roles, he is a professional coach who guides Neurodiverse men, helping them harness their unique potential in personal and professional spheres. These dual roles allow him to integrate innovative thinking with empathy, fostering a culture of understanding and driving holistic growth. Dan is an ordained minister, Master Life Coach, and has served in church ministry through band ministry, small group leadership and board leadership. He received his own identification on the spectrum in 2019 and is a co-founder with Stephanie to The International Association of NeuroDiverse Christian Marriage, LLC and their podcast, NeuroDiverse Christian Couples.

Sydney Holmes was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at the age of 6, then reassessed in her teens with Autism, Level 1. She has not let her diagnosis become a crutch or an excuse to prevent her from achieving her goals in life. Sydney graduated with her bachelor’s degree in history and minored in education. She graduated with her Master of Arts in Public History and Post Baccalaureate in Museum Studies in 2022. She has since moved across the country and landed a job in the museum field, which is just the latest and greatest on her impressive museum resume. Sydney hopes her story will inspire others in the autism community to reach their goals. Sydney is passionate about human trafficking awareness and promoting the rescuing of trafficking victims through her soap ministry, Simple Suds by Syd, where she raises funds to give toward Project Rescue. She loves all things history and cats, especially her new emotional support kitten, Piper.

Erica Holmes is a student and soon-to-be graduate of Lee University with a double major in Spanish and TESOL (teaching English as a second language) with a minor in linguistics. Erica is passionate about her friends, family and building community. She is focused on giving opportunities to people who are often overlooked and educating others on breaking poverty cycles through education and language resources. She has participated in translating a special edition of Exceptional Needs Today into Spanish as a translator and copy editor. She is looking forward to traveling the world and having new hiking adventures with her soon-to-be husband.

Meet the Authors
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