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Psychology Patient


AACC 2021 World Conference Handout


Dr. Stephanie C. Holmes

Aspie/NT Marriage Promo


Introduction to Aspie Girls: Girls on the Spectrum


By Sydney Holmes


Interview with a Teen on the Spectrum about her experience in elementary school


When your mother writes a book about your life


Aspie Teen Shares a Story of Overcoming a Label


Check out Dr. Holmes Hosting Converge Autism Radio


Combatting Pandemic Stressors: Take Back your Mental Health


Myths about Autism


Discover Your Child's Potential


Shows Featuring Sydney Holmes


Teens on the Spectrum and Issues They Face


Tips for Teachers


Check out all the shows at 


Converge Autism Radio


Articles Written by or Featuring Dr. Stephanie Holmes


Dr. Holmes is interviewed by Nicole Mar for a Focus on the Family article


Empowering Voices of Non-speakers: An Interview with Noah


The following articles are a series of Marriage on the Spectrum/NeuroDiverse Marriage


Dissertation Research


Creating an Inclusive Environment for Students on the Autism Spectrum

Suggested Resource from a Student


Available Nationally & Internationally through Zoom Sessions

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