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Stephanie C. Holmes, Ed.D, MA, BCCC is a professional counselor, ordained minister, and certified autism specialist, but her real credentials come from being the mother to an amazing Aspie (AS) young adult daughter. Stephanie's career focus changed when her eldest daughter was diagnosed with Asperger's in 2004. 


Her book "Confessions of a Christian Counselor: How Infertility and Autism Grew my Faith" was released fall of 2015.


Stephanie counsels/consults/coaches (AS) Aspie- NT couples from all over the world and consults with families to help their marriages move beyond surviving to thriving with an AS/ASD child. She is available to speak at various events and organizations.


She can be contacted at


Dr. Stephanie C. Holmes

CEO/Founder of ASRM&F

Dan Holmes

Chairman of the Board/Life Coach

In his full-time career, Dan is a VP of IT at a company located in Atlanta, GA. He holds his Master’s degree from Georgia Tech.


Dan has been coaching for nearly a decade in professional development in the technology field. He completed marriage facilitator training with his wife of 26 years, Stephanie, at Marriage Dynamics Institute and is a Board Certified Master Christian Life Coach through the IBCC.


He coaches in professional development as well as marriage coaching for men in Neurodiverse marriages.

He can be contacted for coaching at


Sydney Holmes


Sydney is a proud Aspie and advocate for Autism acceptance. Having navigated through homeschool, Christian school, public school and college as a person on the Autism Spectrum, she loves to educate the educators on how to best include students on the autism spectrum in both education and the church setting.


She is pursuing her Master’s in her passion, Public History with Museum Certification and serves as a graduate research assistant. Sydney is available to speak to colleges, churches, public school educators about autism acceptance and action for best inclusion practices sharing her personal experiences of those who mentored and empowered her and practices by well-intentioned professionals that were harmful and left negative impact. She co-speaks with Dr. Holmes and serves on panels upon request.


Stephanie McDonald 

As a licensed RN & ministry leader, Stephanie sees the importance of Autism awareness in the community & in the church.  As a parent of special needs children herself (ADHD, Sensory Integration Dysfunction & Anxiety), she wholeheartedly supports the mission, vision & values of Autism Spectrum Resources for Marriage & Family. Stephanie McDonald is a graduate of Watts School of Nursing, Durham, NC, and is a Registered Nurse specializing in Neonatal Intensive Care & Pediatrics.  She held various women’s ministry positions, including MOPS Coordinator, Director of Women’s Ministries & Coordinator of Ladies Bible Studies.  She was also Administrative Coordinator for Grace & Truth Church, where her husband served as Senior Pastor. She holds certificates from the American Association of Christian Counselors  where lay counseling ministry is focused on Domestic Violence victim advocacy.  Stephanie is passionate about inclusion, education, and advocacy for families with children with special needs.

Stephanie M.PNG

Jenni Nabors

Jenni has a degree in Early Childhood Education and is a former classroom teacher. Now she serves as a Children’s Ministry Director at a church outside Atlanta. She has a passion for partnering with families in discipling their kids.  Her desire is that every child has an opportunity to be included. Jenni has been married to Jim for 26 years and they have one pre-teen son with special needs.  Jenni homeschools her son and has mentored homeschool moms.  She is excited to serve on the ASR board and serve families with people on the Autism spectrum.


Janet Vickers

Janet has a fun loving passion for life and a child-like spirit that compels her to share joy, in every season, with those around her.  She has been married to Stan for 28 years and they have two adult daughters and one son in-law. Thirteen years ago they left the city life and moved to a hobby farm in KY where they pastored a small rural church for three years. Stan now owns his own computer business and teaches a school of ministry at their church. Currently, Janet is honored to work full time at the VA clinic as a licensed optician where she gets to love on the veterans while caring for their optical needs. She is an aspiring author and illustrator of children’s books, mentors several young mothers, and enjoys flower gardening as well as the great outdoors. Being familiar with the difficulties of parenting children with special needs and fully aware of the toll it can take on a marriage, she is happy to serve as a board member for ASR and thankful to be a part of a ministry that brings life, health, and joy into the lives of people on the spectrum. 


Available Nationally & Internationally through Zoom Sessions

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