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Happy Family

Vision & Mission

The vision of Autism Spectrum Resources for Marriage & Family, LLC is first and foremost hope! We believe every person has value and with the proper support and accommodations can reach their God-given potential and hope for the future. We want to provide support, guidance, coaching, counseling, and advocacy for children and adults on the Autism Spectrum and their families.  We view the spectrum through a lens of Neurodiversity and believe that the community, schools, churches, and organizations can do better to include and accept Neurodiverse individuals.

There are many antiquated ideas and notions as well as stereotypes and stigmas associated with Autism. Our mission is to help identify Autism, help professionals partner with members of the Autism community and their families, and educate educators and members of the professional community who will be supporting and working with Neurodiverse individuals.  Those who identify Autism, medical practitioners, counselors, psychologists, social workers and school counselors, as well as those colleges and universities and training programs who train future professionals to identify Autism, need updated views and lenses in identifying and supporting the Autism community. Our mission is awareness, acceptance, action and advocacy.


Available Nationally & Internationally through Zoom Sessions

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