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Private Coaching

If you are an NT spouse seeking help to understand your NeuroDiverse marriage, Dr. Stephanie is available to see you 1 on1 for private coaching. This will not include meeting with the spouse or marriage coaching.  $150 per hour

If you are on the spectrum or meet the characteristics of the Autism Spectrum and want to work through your processing of what this means, reach out to Dr. Stephanie. $150 an hour

If you are a man looking for coaching as husband, leadership skills, working with your new understanding as an AS/ND spouse, reach out to Rev. Dan for life coaching and marriage coaching. $75 an hour

If you are a parent seeking help with an autistic child, reach out to Dr. Stephanie. $150 an hour

Private Coaching

Group Coaching

Each semester Dr. Stephanie runs groups for NT wives and Rev. Dan runs groups for AS/ND husbands. These run 8-10 weeks and are $50 per session. Reading and homework is required. Group work is about setting goals and group accountability. A 30-minute consultation may be required to see if you are a candidate for group coaching. If groups are full, please check back (January, April or August) to see when new groups are forming.

If there is growing interest in Surviving and Thriving or Spectrum Teen Courses, groups will form when 5 to 8 interested parties sign up to discuss materials at $50 per session for 2-4 sessions.

Group Coaching

Couple-to-Couple Coaching

Sometimes it is part of marriage work or coaching for both spouses to meet with both Dr. Stephanie and Rev. Dan. This is called couple to couple and may be a 1-to-1.5-hour session. Rates are $225 per hour

Couple to Couple Coaching

Available Nationally & Internationally through Zoom Sessions

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