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Marriage Work

We are experiencing long wait lists due to the increase and popularity of the NeuroDiverse Christian Couples Podcast. At this time we do not have capacity to take on new couples but we are training coaches and counselors and hope to have a referral for you soon. But while you wait you can start your first phase of work in Education. Often couples want to jump into counseling upon finding out they are neurodiverse, but there is education and processing to be done. Please go to Forms and click on While You Wait to check out what classes and courses can get you started on your journey. When you complete a course, then reach out to ask for a 1 or 1.5 consultation on the information you learned and possible next steps. This does not enter you into the caseload but gets you time with Dr. Stephanie Holmes concerning the course work and next steps.

The Ideal Client

We have a full wait list of couples wanting and ready to do their marital work to move from surviving and conflict to thriving. We are seeking clients where both parties have accepted or are open to the concept of Neurodiversity and Autism. If either party Is defensive or argumentative or in denial about the possibility of being on the spectrum, this will not be a good fit. Those who are ready to explore this direction of neurodiversity, open, teachable, and committed to do the homework and show up engaged for marriage work are Ideal. There will be a consultation with Dr. Stephanie Holmes at $150 for 1 to 1.5 hours to determine fit and readiness to do marital work when there is capacity to take on new couples.


Available Nationally & Internationally through Zoom Sessions

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