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Psychologist Session

NeuroDiverse Relationship Assessment

While Dr. Stephanie C. Holmes has been an LPC and trained in diagnosis for Autism Spectrum and ADHD, this assessment is a Relationship Assessment.  This assessment is for personal knowledge and to inform relationship work through coaching or counseling. This is not a medical diagnosis and cannot be used to qualify for SSI Disability or ADA accommodations. This is a cash only assessment that cannot be billed for insurance purposes as Dr. Holmes is not a HIPAA provider.

Dr. Holmes will inform you if one or both each spouse has traits and characteristics that are consistent with others who are autistic/neurodivergent/Asperger’s or ADHD.

Dr. Holmes will assess both partners to determine how your differences are contributing to the relationship challenges. Both will be assessed for traits and characteristics consistent with the Autism Spectrum and ADHD. The end result is not a medical diagnosis but informed professional opinion by a Certified Autism Specialist.


This evaluation will assess both spouses for:

  • Traits and characteristics of neurodiversity

  • Self-Report and partner observations related to but not limited to executive function, sensory issues, emotional regulation, rigidity, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence

  • Personality and Temperament

  • How each manages or avoid conflict and stress


This evaluation will consist of:


  • Questions to fill out before we meet. (Time includes Dr. Holmes reviewing the answers to the questionnaire)

  • A 1.5-hour interview for each spouse

  • A 1.5-hour interview together concerning your struggles

  • A 1.5-hour review of the results

Total Cost of Assessment: $1,175.00 (USD)

If assessment is paid in full in one invoice prior to our first meeting, reduced cost to $1,075.00


Available Nationally & Internationally through Zoom Sessions

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